“AR creation “ is an interior design firm based in mumbai, india, Established in june 2010 as interior impressions.

Awarded for the best design at ‘Scout Banquet’ by Godrej Interio Awards, 2013.

“AR creation” specialises in creating inspiring spaces and infusing fresh ideas in the resident and commercial sectors.

Constant interaction & exchanging ideas with clients help us live it to their expectation & deliver the best & most innovative design solutions in all terms from best design product for the actual user to optimum commercial returns for our clients.

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prompt delivery, excellence in customer service and care with emphasis on consistently understanding and meeting every special need of our Clients are our hallmarks. 

our strength is the serious commitment to satisfy expert clients who would prefer to be abreast with the constantly changing global design and methods of execution. at “ar creation” the philosophy is to assist the client in every aspect of their design and execution.

years of work at the highest levels has enabled “ar creation” to develop strategy of success in the interior industry. the concept has blossomed through the array of experiences accumulated during the past tenure in this industry.


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Jessica Watson

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Jessica Watson